Mid-Sota Agronomy Products & Services, LLC
Crop Protection

Mid-Sota Agronomy Products & Service is now in its fourth year. With 28 years of experience in the seed industry, we bring crop protection to central Minnesota farm operations.

Technology and Information from Climate Corp Basic and Climate Pro

The Climate Corporation realizes the high level of scrutiny they will be held against and the responsibility they must take in protecting agricultural data and the privacy of farmers. A collective philosophy and operating guidelines have been developed for this reason. First, it is agreed that the data created by a farmer or generated from farm equipment is owned and managed by that farmer. Basic data services should be free, and farmer’s data should be shared easily across other systems. The Climate Corporation conducts third party audits to ensure all parties involved are adhering to the principles on data and privacy. Mid-Sota Agronomy Products & Services respects and follows these same guidelines in all our client interactions, supporting the advancement of the Green Data Revolution.

Mid-Sota Agronomy Products & Service supplies farmers with Climate Basic, a monitoring tool that provides field-level weather data, visibility, and notifications so you can make timely operations decisions anytime, from any location. Once you obtain a Client Basic, you can sign up for a service account for free. Learn More

Technology and Information from Climate Corp Basic and Climate Pro

I look forward to observing the harvest of corn and soybean crops grown with our many crop protection products. Mid-Sota Agronomy Products & Services offers W-L alfalfa, Alforex, Titan Pro crop protection products, transport fertilizer loads and grid soil sampling. Co-owner Mark Dietz is a MN Certified Crop Advisor, #17576. Sales Representatives include Austin Bauer of Kenyon and Dennis Brady of Medford.

We work with and support The Climate Corporation (Climate Corp) to assist farmers worldwide in protecting and improving their production. Technology continues to change our world, as it always has and always will. As wireless data transmission becomes less expensive, it continually gets easier to represent the real world with various types of data. As better decisions are made which enable more advanced communications and computing tools, the industry must be mindful of privacy concerns and how data is distributed. The concern about what will happen once data is sent out puts the Green Data Revolution at risk.

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